BMT Course

You could find the Media Technology courses online as well as in few other universities. But the real question is what sets it apart? We have tried to give you a breakdown of core and elective courses that sets BMT in Shepherd College of Media Technology of Purbanchal University Apart


Semester I

What is the best way to start then to know the very basics of what made you interested in Media. You can begin the course with the idea of Mass communication - its theories, principles and the pivotal role it plays in Nepalese context. Then for students who are interested in exploring journalism and how reporters get their stories right we have News reporting classes and radio journalism with computer technology that helps your get in touch with the latest IT advances in reporting. The introduction to computer technology and network will help you get understanding of the next generation equipments and latest advances in Media Information Technology so that you could take a seat ahead of your competitors.

To top it off for students with basic understanding of English language we have English language course as an elective that sets you apart from others. This course will help you get a foothold in global media market in Nepal and let you get your skills across to your international employers. And we assure you that after eight semesters you will be proficient in English language whichever background you come from. Additionally we offer you a Nepali Language course to brush up your knowledge and writing skills in Nepali Language so that you could get into Nepali news reporting, radio journalism and broadcasting with a fresh perspective of your own.

Semester II

You have learned the basics but is this enough? You know what Media is, what journalism and reporting means but how can you tread ahead? Take a deep breath because BMT in Shepherd College of Media Technology has answers to it. In our second semester we provide you with deeper understanding of Media and communication - the importance of it in society. You also get a chance to learn about the different types of news and report writing ranging from corporate report writing to parliament reporting. The clarity and objectivity with which the society interprets Media, radio broadcast techniques, and the roles individual plays in News Operation. With it photo journalism is explored and the techniques and types of pictures for publishing are discussed. The recent advances in Media Technology : the interactive media - its importance, principles, types and models required based on the types of audiences are further explored.

We know you strive to be better and we take you to the language course ride so that you could integrate your understandings into day to day dealings. The English and Nepali Language courses advance with semester giving you an insight into comprehensive passages, dialogues and literary forms.

Semester III

It takes dedication and motivation to become the next leader and to back you up we have expanded our course options in our third semester. Public relations is all about communication and setting the right foot ahead for networking your way into the industry. It delves into importance of public relations in crisis management, sharpens your PR skill and gives you an understanding of industry PR dealings. With it the students also get a chance to explore multimedia system with radio broadcasting techniques, digital technologies and advanced photojournalism courses to get your ideas rolling.

The judicial system in Nepal, criminal procedures and court proceedings among others are discussed in News reporting course. You get to learn the best way to write good headlines, magazine designs and map charts so that you could grab your reader's attention. And the best thing is you can participate in a photo competition or make documentary films to test your own skills. Further the language courses are continued so that you get an idea of english literature and comprehend use of complex texts well.

Semester IV

We begin this semester getting insights into sociology that build the block into theoretical perspective in social and cultural anthropology. This course defines and elaborates on the scope of sociology while providing elaborate knowledge on fundamental concepts of mankind. It is a necessary course as the Media focuses on its audience to excel.Then we practically and theoretically explore news editing, media issues globally and in context of Nepal while simultaneously deepening our advertising comprehension. The computer graphics and design course in media is a must as it helps define the media trends globally and identify key softwares in the current media industry.

The radio programming course is given to students in order to impart the procedures in radio programming and advertising with appropriate software.

Semester V

Now half way through the course, we are certainly sure that it's now turn to advance into the courses and explore new options in media studies. The advanced sociology (SOCIOLOGY -II) course helps identify the roles/ groups within the society to gain a deeper knowledge of social strata and organization in order to cater media contents wisely. Then comes the news editing where the editing takes place integrating the concepts of sociology to provide the best contents to Media Audience. Then comes the Media and Gender course and TV techniques not only explores the gender roles and skills related to TV broadcasting but helps Media developers cater gender needs to their content, software designs and media culture.

Advertising is a integrated marketing concept that makes the audience aware of the product (content) and creates a desire or appeal within the audience to purchase the product while utilizing the vast network connection - web. And media is the sole medium through which such event can be achieved. Through our advertising course one can comprehend proficient marketing communication/ promotional tool and its management in Business-to-business and Business-to-Consumer sellings.

Semester VI

With the advancing need of Media Technology and its need in the market, one must also be aware of the media laws and values. This course helps students understand the fundamental rights , right to freedom and expression and ethics to be followed in order to generate impact content with audience sensitivity. Environment Journalism course digs deeper into practical application of journalism techniques and translating a story or idea into a quality written article. Then comes the time to explore the realms of creativity, where the Advertising and creativity course imparts insights to marketing communication, big idea, and creating a sound strategy for ad effectiveness.

The script, music and the movie sound entirely easy and easy going concept until you actually make it. In order to provide students a close look at the building blocks of Cinema, we have a course entirely focused on it. It delves into this creative art endeavour while integrating computer animation and digital compositing to develop an exquisite output.

Semester VII

Research keeps you on toes and makes you a competent individual to deal with complex and new hurdles. We provide our students with Mass of Media Research course to introduce Mass Media Research using theoretical and practical guidelines. It deals with project analysis and interpretation to come up with an effective solution. The issues of Media spans through industries and thus we have a health journalism course that helps students explore health related terms and take a investigative approach to journalism.

The challenges of globalization are many but to arm you with tools to tackle it we have introduced developmental tourism for our students. With the concepts of blog and online websites mushrooming, we have brought News reporting (online journalism) to equip our students with the concept of online communication. Media Management helps students understand features and structures of Media in Nepal and global context. It discuss about the principles of media management and roles media companies play to uplift the media industry through project, financial and personnel management.

Semester VIII

And in the final semester of BMIT we focus on developing and polishing skill set to make them market and dream job ready. Through rural tourism we make students eligible to understand the media role for promoting key issue : Tourism in rural sectors of Nepal while simultaneously exploring global aspects of tourism. The applied reporting enables students to practically implement theoretical media concepts in various projects and put it to practice. With the increasing trend of Social Media for promotion and awareness our New Media course is up to date, which enables students to engage public for betterment of the society through this practice.

The Press Conference and Seminar Management course enables students to gain real life experiences and portray sensitivity to the focal persons of such events while interviewing and news reporting. What it takes to be write correctly, avoid cliches and be concise? To learn more about this we have Applied Editing course in BMIT to assist you in this.

Finally we have Internship or Job Placement requirement to meet your credit hour for degree completion. But don’t worry you will have our full support and Career Advising team working with you to find the suitable job or internship from the time of your entry to our program.

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